Gifts, Expectations & Liars

Gifts, Expectations & Liars

My youngest daughter told me that I wasn’t her favourite parent because I didn’t allow her to have what she wanted. I knew she was trying to manipulate me. I merely responded with, “wouldn’t you want me to love you, unconditionally?” and then continued with, “Won’t you want me to accept whether or not you make a mistake?” She embraced me with a hug shortly after and told me how much she loved me. Felt like I won the battle of the witts, but I couldn’t help but wonder if I was losing the battle of parenthood? Why did she feel comfortable manipulating me? I decided to ask her older sister (Sherika) about unconditional love. I chose to use Lil Wayne endorsing Trump and his daughter’s (Reginae) social media posts that seem to respond to her father’s endorsement as an example.

Is it wrong to receive gifts when you are not going to meet the gift giver’s expectations?

I shared with Sherika my experiences of taking advantage of women who wanted to spoil me. I told her how wrong it was, but she didn’t see it that way. She reflected on some of her memories of seeing some of the gifts that I got. Even though there were moments where we were laughing, I didn’t want her to make the same mistake. We went back and forth on the topic. I tried using her brothers as examples of boys or men who can fall into the trap of being used or taken advantage of. 


It’s in the music. Rappers have expressed their opinion of being the better men in songs. They would elaborate on the lavish life they can provide that average men can’t. Trey songs developed an alternative alias as Mr. Steal Your Girl. He has shown over the years that he isn’t shy when it comes to embracing this persona. These were the guys I was competing with when I was younger, and I was worried that my son or her brother from her mother might fall into the trap of wanting materialistic possessions to bring them or the women they wanted to be with fulfillment.  

How do you know when a guy is lying or cheating?

Sherika does background checks with every boy she is getting to know. She doesn’t like the feeling of being misled.  She found out the hard way that boys would lie about their options and learned how to adjust her expectations during the time they would talk. If they have options? She makes sure she has the same amount of options.

Despite all the guys that block her when she rejects their request for nudes, she is very confident, and I’m very proud of her. I’m afraid I have to disagree with some of her views or responses to my questions. Still, I’m showing her another perspective where she may understand the hurt that she may be contributing to now that can develop to something worst in the future.

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