Preparing Her 4 Dating: Podcast

When do you start talking to your children about the content on social media? 

Sex, drugs, and the horrors of the world are already in my oldest daughter’s timeline. I look at my daughter’s Instagram stories, and besides the odd selfie that she puts up, there are reposts of people protesting various social issues around the world and live streams of murders. 

Before & After Social Media

When I was a child, we didn’t have social media. My oldest daughter has had access to social media since she was ten. I bought her first smartphone. The intention was to get her the best. This was my way of making up for the distance between us. One of the benefits of us having smartphones was we could video chat. 

I didn’t think how much sensitive content she would be exposed to. Who would have thought that blogs would become a major news outlet? Anything from crime, racism, pop culture to politics was available in the palm of her hand. If it isn’t on her timeline, someone could be sending her a video or article. 

TV VS Social Media

Th access to the good, the bad and the ugly in the world that I had were limited to word of mouth. The TV shows I watched occasionally had content that displayed politics, racism, or crime. They just made it entertaining. 

Most of my generation would agree that when our parents were out working, TV was raising us. For my oldest daughter, it’s social media. 

Conversations Are Like

During rides from her mom’s house to my house, we would talk about her interests. I would make a note of anything she posted in her stories that were a concern. When I notice how frequently she was on her phone during my time with her. I would ask her questions about what she was talking about. 

I would ask her questions about boys. I would try to get an idea of what she was thinking. Then I would think back to my teenage years and remember how most of my friends, including myself, dated younger girls. I remember how easily influence young teens could be but didn’t remember having these conversations with my mom. 

The Purpose

This is why I decided to create this platform for my daughter and me to discuss what she’s already being exposed to on social media. I’m hoping other fathers will have these same conversations with their daughters if fathers are uncomfortable having these discussions. I’m hoping the discussions that my daughter and I have help young teens navigate through their adolescent years. 

I was ashamed to talk to my mom about dating. She was adamant about me not dating but never gave me much reason why I shouldn’t date. 

My daughter and I have open discussions repeatedly about social issues. In my efforts to break the generational curses in our community, I decided to start with my household. I wanted to eliminate the communication gaps, so I was more in tune with what was happening in her life. I want her to be educated, and I’m not afraid to be vulnerable and share my mistakes with her. 


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