The Insecurities Of Dating A Liberal Woman

The Insecurities Of Dating A Liberal Woman


I was utterly intimidated after I told her the number of women that I slept with, and she responded with, “that’s it.” My initial response was that I’m a relationship type of guy. I’ve never gone through a single stage where I hooked up with a bunch of random women.  Even though I didn’t know what her number was, the thought alone made me feel inexperienced. Her body count made me wonder why I didn’t have so many partners. Usually, I wouldn’t date a girl whose body count was in the double digits, but she said it was less than 100. I felt like an underachiever. I was curious to know what would happen if I put aside my insecurities and just focused on our interests. 


Women like her were the type of women that were called names, and you didn’t want to get into anything serious with them. I took a chance because it wasn’t anybody’s business what her body count was. I was proud of her. In my eyes, she was perfect. She was beautiful, had a nice body, and was smart. She had a job, a car, and aspirations. She seemed to have been raised by a respectful family, and my family seemed to love her. It was impossible for me to not be turned on by her. She wasn’t shy, and that turned me on even more. I figured that I would just move on from knowing what her body count was because it wasn’t important anyway.  I would only allow her reaction to my body count to be enough for me to know. After all those guys were in the past, my game was tight, and I was confident that she wouldn’t be going anywhere anytime soon.


At first, it was all about showing her off on social media. I just left a relationship with a liberal woman. The difference between my new bae and my old bae was the lies old bae told about her partners. Every time I would question former bae about her body count, the number would change. It was all about showing the world that I upgraded. I started bringing her everywhere I went. I claimed her. Then I got to know some of her friends. I couldn’t help but wonder which guys she had sex with it. I got so curious that I did the one thing I would tell myself not to do, and that was, ask her. Once I realized that all the guy friends that she introduced me to she slept with it, I felt ashamed. 


Some of the men she had been with where married. She bragged about her roster. I had a few girls I was talking to as well, but she had a ROSTER. Even though it wasn’t a competition, I felt like I should have been the one with a higher body count. It bugged me. Every time I saw her ex-lovers or knew that they had to work or collaborate on a project together, I felt insecure and became anxious. I couldn’t be that guy that said no babe. You can’t talk to him because you had sex with him, and I don’t trust you. I bit my tongue so many times I thought it would fall off. I figured I had to choose between my pride and my insecurities. I chose my pride. I decided to trust her, no matter how I felt. 


It took everything inside of me not to go through messages. I told myself that’s something that a girl would do. As I got to know her, the question have you ever cheated, came up. My response was “no.” I told her that I would break up with a woman before cheating. She told me that she cheated and that it happened more than once. I didn’t hear any words after that, even though she kept talking. All I could remember was the pain I felt from the women who cheated on me, and I just zoned out. I didn’t want history to repeat itself, but I didn’t want to lose what we had. I thought maybe things could be different. 


Things were different. Instead of me trusting her a little bit, I had even less trust in her. I was torn between breaking up with her, and the possibility of losing my soulmate. I just thought about our sexual experiences and how she made me feel. I wasn’t ready to lose those feelings or her. After all, she was a good girlfriend. She cared about me, she was thoughtful, and she was there for me. She was a great friend.  


She had no issues finding men. I would be the one missing out. After weighing out all of my options, I decided to put my insecurities aside. Then as a reward from what felt like God, she gifted me our first threesome. After that experience,  I could look at all her ex-lovers and feel no insecurities. She started letting me have sex with other women when she was too tired. I felt like I was living the life.


My relationship was a dream that all men wanted. It was a fantasy that you would only see on television or in music videos. It’s crazy how one man’s dream can be a woman’s nightmare. Over time she became less confident about our relationship and our boundaries. It started when I brought her and another woman with me to a new years party. I kissed them both at midnight for the new year’s celebration. The other women at the party judged her. They said if they were in her shoes, that they would not be able to share me. She brushed it off, but I could see that it was bothering her. I decided to give her more attention than the other woman that I brought. Until the end of the night when I brought them both back to my place. 


From that night, I realized that she was trying to be the perfect girlfriend and was also putting her pride and insecurities aside to make me feel more secure in our relationship. I saw the scrutiny she was getting from her peers and how it made her feel. Even though I enjoyed bragging about being booed up, I could not enjoy it knowing how it was making her feel. We talked about our thoughts and feelings and decided that we would keep our sex life private. Once we made that decision, everything else fell together. 

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